Liz Leon

Assistant Accounting

Introducing Liz Leon, a dedicated Accounts Assistant in the Accounting Department at HLB Berman Fisher. Liz  moved to the Cayman Islands at the age of five. Liz's academic path is marked by significant milestones. She completed her Associate's degree in Business Administration at the University College of the Cayman Islands in 2020. A key turning point in her career was her participation in the Cayman Finance Student Education & Work Experience Program in 2017. This experience, which included an internship at an accounting firm, ignited her passion for the financial services industry. Her cross-cultural background adds a unique dimension to her professional expertise.

Furthering her commitment to her field, Liz is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in Finance. This endeavor underlines her dedication to advancing her knowledge and skills in finance.

In September 2022, Liz joined the team at HLB Berman Fisher, bringing her academic insights and practical experience to our firm. Her contributions to our accounting operations have been invaluable.

2023 marked a significant achievement for Liz as she was nominated to the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society (SBD) by ICCI in the Cayman Islands. Sigma Beta Delta is an esteemed honor society that recognizes and promotes excellence in business, management, and administration. It is a testament to individual achievement and offers opportunities for personal and professional growth and service.

Liz Leon's membership in Sigma Beta Delta and her role at HLB Berman Fisher reflect her commitment to excellence in accounting and finance. Her story is a testament to the diverse talents and international perspectives that our team at HLB Berman Fisher prides itself on.

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