Abeguel Abenoja

Accounting Clerk

Abeguel's journey in the world of accounting began in her home country, the Philippines. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in 2014, she embarked on her career path, gaining valuable experience as a bookkeeper for the municipality of Rodriguez, Rizal. This early career phase in the Philippines laid the groundwork for her proficiency in accounting and financial management.

Seeking to broaden her professional horizon, Abeguel made a significant leap in 2017 by relocating to the Cayman Islands. This move was propelled by an exciting opportunity to join Paint Pros Ltd. as a Business Administrator and Office Clerk. Her role in this company allowed her to refine her skills in business administration and office management, contributing to the company's operational efficiency.

In 2021, Abeguel took another step forward in her career by joining the team at HLB Berman Fisher, a renowned firm in the accounting industry. As part of the accounting department at HLB Berman Fisher, Abeguel brings a blend of international experience and specialized accounting knowledge. Her expertise is not just a reflection of her educational background but also of her diverse professional experiences in the Philippines and the Cayman Islands.

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